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Letting Go..

Letting go..4 minute BSL clip..

The Sedona Method..

Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment with something that you find hard to let go..

* Could you let it go?

* Would you let it go?

* When?

Repeat until you feel lighter, happier, freer, of the problem/issue/goal/feeling/person/etc..


GLAD Technique

BSL clip – 5 minutes on G.L.A.D Technique to practise positivity daily..either in thoughts or written..

G – Grateful: One thing you are thankful for what you experience today no matter how small..

L – Learned: One thing you learned about yourself, a friend or information..

A – Accomplishment: Anything from something small or big..

D – Delight: One thing that touched your heart today bring you joy or pleasing your senses..



This page contains various clips to try out.. Check it out..!

Five Ways to Better Mental Health..10 minutes BSL information about looking after your mental health..
1. Stay Connected
2. Get Active
3. Take Notice
4. Learn
5. Give

Brief introduction to Buddhism in BSL – 5 minutes

A Buddhism BSL

Story Two in BSL (Buddhism: Plan and Simple Steve Hagen)

An OLD story about a man who came to see the Buddha.

He heard that the Buddha was a GREAT teacher. Like all of us, he had some problems in his life and thought Buddha might be able to help him.
He told Buddha he was a farmer: ‘I like farming but sometimes it doesn’t rain enough and my crops fail. Last year we nearly starved. And sometimes it rains too much so my yields aren’t what i’d like it to be’
Buddha listened quietly.
Farmer: ‘I’m married too, she’s a good wife – I love her, but sometimes she nags me too much. And sometimes i get tired of her’
Buddha continue to listen
Farmer: ‘I have kids, good kids too but sometimes they don’t show me enough respect. And sometimes..’
The farmer went on like this, talking about his difficulties/worries.
Finally he stopped and waited for the Buddha to say something that would put everything right for him.
Buddha: ‘I can’t help you’
Farmer: ‘What do you mean?’ astonished
Buddha: ‘Everybody got problems – we all got 83 problems, each one of us. 83 problems and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you work really hard on one of them, maybe you can fix it but if you do, another one will pop right into its place. For example, you’re going to lose your loved ones eventually. And you’re going to die some day. Now there’s a problem and there’s nothing you or I or anyone else can do about it’.
Farmer became furious: ‘I thought you were a great teacher! I though you could help me! What good is your teaching then?’
Buddha: “Well, maybe it will help you with 84th problem’
Farmer: ‘The 84th problem? What’s the 84th problem?
Buddha: ‘You want to not have any problems’

Trudi: Do you have problem? How many problems? Like what Buddha say, we all have to deal with our problems and if we did, there will be another one.. We all have to get on with it. That’s the story.

Basic BSL information on Fight/Flight response (Anxiety)

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