Trudi Collier

Trudi had been doing Counselling/therapy work with deaf, hard of hearing., deafened, disabled, deafblind, teenagers, etc for nearly 20 years also providing other work such as supervisory, couple counselling, facilitating, advocacy, mentoring, research, teaching (Trudi had been teaching deaf students certificate and diploma levels in integrative counselling with coworkers) and an approved tutor in mental health first aid – the point of stating her area of work and experience here is that she had worked with clients who had experience difficulties in their lives and her job is to provide a listening eye and importantly, support. Sometime Trudi would signpost her clients to appropriate people or resources.

Trudi had given talk about mindfulness to some deaf organisations and other health/wellbeing topics, such as mental health awareness so that we all can understand ourselves and others better. She had completed mindfulness course as part of her CPDs. Trudi started to provide BSL tours in art galleries as part of her hobby.

Trudi Collier

MBACP Accredited Psychological Therapist/Counsellor

SMHFA (Scottish Mental Health First Aid) Approved Tutor


Twitter: @deafmindfulness

Facebook: Trudi’s Mindfulness for Deaf Community #deafmindfulness

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