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I had added some clips from Facebook page – Trudi’s Mindfulness for Deaf People onto this website – please feel free to browse..! Any queries, please do get in touch!

Quotes..Dalai Lama

‘Irrespective of whether we have faith in religion or not, it’s good to be more compassionate. It makes us happier as individuals with a positive influence on our families and the neighborhood where we live. When someone who has lived a kind life dies, people miss them and say so. But when an angry, greedy, ruthless person dies, there’s a sense of relief. So, I try to practise warm-heartedness wherever I go’ –

While walking, keep looking straight ahead of you then observe how you are moving your feet forward over & gently placing it down one step ahead then observing other foot peel off the ground ..& so on..for about 10 steps then repeat if necessary..

It’s to allow you to appreciate being in the moment.. Have a try with autumn leaves around like I did today..! 😊

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