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Body Confidence workshop

Positive event for deaf women in Derby..! #bodyconfidence


GLAD Techniques

BSL clip – 5 minutes on G.L.A.D Technique to practise positivity daily..either in thoughts or written..

G – Grateful: One thing you are thankful for what you experience today no matter how small..

L – Learned: One thing you learned about yourself, a friend or information..

A – Accomplishment: Anything from something small or big..

D – Delight: One thing that touched your heart today bring you joy or pleasing your senses..


Letting go..

Letting go..4 minute BSL clip..

The Sedona Method..

Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment with something that you find hard to let go..

* Could you let it go?

* Would you let it go?

* When?

Repeat until you feel lighter, happier, freer, of the problem/issue/goal/feeling/person/etc..