CPD workshop..

A CPD workshop for interpreters: Mindfulness and looking after the professional self Taught by Trudi Collier 10am-4pm, Saturday 1st February 2020 At Huddersfield Deaf Centre Learn more about Mindfulness and how it can help you in your job, including… • What is Mindfulness? • 3 Key Concepts of Mindfulness • Buddhism • Being in the Moment • Habit thinking  • The Wheel of Life • Daily Mindfulness Tips • Ask Trudi questions!Continue reading “CPD workshop..”

GLAD Techniques

http://www.youtube.com/watch BSL clip – 5 minutes on G.L.A.D Technique to practise positivity daily..either in thoughts or written.. G – Grateful: One thing you are thankful for what you experience today no matter how small.. L – Learned: One thing you learned about yourself, a friend or information.. A – Accomplishment: Anything from something small orContinue reading “GLAD Techniques”